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8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
I got a disturbing text this morning. It seems that an individual used the PM feature to bash and criticize another member. The person who was targeted is a very kind individual who would never harm a person or an animal. To be a young person just learning the art of keeping chickens and the do and don'ts of the hobby, it was not only hurtful but is was harmful. I have given this young person chicks and even had them foster some chicks for me after I had a mild stroke. I was introduced to BYC by a family member. I thought the whole idea of the site and the forum was to be able to "kick around ideas" and to learn from each others mistakes. I can not condone a person using a PM to run this young person through the mud. I understand there was an apology made but words can not be erased from the mind and therefore the damage was done. Please keep this in mind and be sure to use the forum and PM functions appropriately.
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The great thing about PMs is that they are intended to be private and you can delete them without reading them.
We don't allow them to be posted on open forum.

If you feel that something is threatening or illegal in the PMs, please let us know.

Unfortunately we can't do anything about bad manners.
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