Please your prayers for Dave27889 and his family


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Apr 13, 2008
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Many of you know that Dave 27889 has been having serious troubles with his back and diabetes. His wife Paula has kept me informed and Dave has shared a bit.

They are facing a big surgery on his back that will keep him in the hospital about 2 weeks and then in a body cast at home for months. This is for a guy that loves his garden and his chickies. But the Lord knows that his back needs healing.

As you can see his sweet Christian humor shines through. What he doesn't mention is that his last surgery he was legally pronounced dead for over 3 minutes and miraculously suffered no damage because of this....

He wrote:

"please put me on the prayer list. I hate being in the hospital. I should get out Friday morning and the operation should be the 28th of June. They have taken enough blood to float a boat and taken enough xrays and catscans to light me up for Christmas.
The operation will take almost 14 hours and require A Neuro surgeron, Ortho Sergeron and a Plastic Sergeon. I will be in Rex hospital in Raleigh for about 2 weeks and then a hospital bed at home in a body cast for about 2.5 to 3 months. Rehab will be about 9 months and hopefuly taht will take care of things for about 7 years or so. Then I will have one more fairly minor operation to fuse things at the tail bone if the Lord tarries."

Dear Lord, I pray and lift this sweet and dear family up for strength and courage and healing and please fill and refill Your Spirit in doctors, nurses and all who surround them. May all the caregivers shine unselfish love and caring to this family as well as competence and skills and patience. May this be an experience where Dave and Paula and friends can continue to be living Witnesses to the Lord. May they continue to Change lives through your Holy Spirit in Them. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen. Nancy & Jacque
I've been wondering how Dave was doing. He's such a nice guy.

Hugs and prayers to him and his family.
Been wondering about Dave, thanks for posting this. He is in our prayers. Maybe we can send him some bedside plants after he gets out?
good thoughts going out to you. i also have faced long back surgeries and body braces. It is a long road. Take care of yourself and follow all doc instructions ! Can't mess around with the back! I now garden, lift dirt clean coops. Things I would have been in extreme pain to do 7 years ago. Good luck to you. i have never felt better as far as my spine is concerned and glad I went through it. Get well and take your time doing it. Don't force it before you should! It takes alot of time and patience but that is what is needed! You can do it! ErinM

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