Plinko again--this time with Keets.


11 Years
Jan 6, 2009
It happened again

I came home from work yesterday to three Guinea Keets in the bottom of the Brinsea. These guys tumbled down two layers. They were supposed to go into the hatcher last night--not actually hatch!

I got them into a hatching tray, and moved all the other eggs down. We had 27 keets as of this morning and a couple more still working on hatching.

I double checked my calendar, and they were supposed to hatch on the 14th. Oh well, they are fine despite their tumble start.
My temps were 99.5 on one therm. and 100.3 on the other. I have a LG with a fan kit installed. The humidity was apox 60 % the whole time except the last day. We rwere raising it for the last 3 days but they came early.

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