Plymouth Barred Rock - Growth on Wing Shoulder (Ugly Picture!)


9 Years
Oct 4, 2010
This is my very first post. I need to get an answer to what is ailing my Millie. She has a growth or a tumor on her shoulder and it seems to be getting worse. Can someone out there offer a suggestion to what this could be. My husband will have a fit if I take her to the vet but I need to know what to do for her. The growth is hard and it is definitely on the outside. At first I though her bone had popped out of her skin but that is not the case. She gets around fine but I cannot tell if she is laying as we are having shorter days and not as many eggs are being produced. At night when she is resting the others are picking at it. It does not bleed and is very hard to the touch. Not sure if there is puss or soft matter inside of it. Any suggestions or advice on what to do for her?

I have attached a picture and there is probably an easier way to do this...let me know and I will edit it! Thanks[/img]
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It looks like some sort of cyst. I recommend you soak it with a warm wash cloth to soften it up as best as you can. Then lance it, squeeze the heck out of it to get all the goop out. Flush it out with non diluted betadine, then pack it with neosporin (without pain reliever.) It'll probably drain for awhile if it's a cyst and you'll have to squeeze it daily to get goop out. Reflush with betadine and repack with neosporin. It might take several days with this procedure, so be prepared for the long haul. But if that's what it is...a cyst, that's how you have to treat them. It'll eventually heal with continued treatment. You'll probably want to seperate her from the others as well til she heals or she'll be relentlessly picked on. Dont forget to provide her with feed and water when seperated. Good luck.
I agree with Dawg right up to the point where he recommended separation for her. I think with such a small cyst/abscess she can still be housed with the other birds if the wound is covered in Blukote. It will be so tiny once it's been lanced that I don't think the other hens are even going to notice it especially if it's disguised with Blukote.

Good luck.
The reason I dont recommend Blukote is because of its alcohol content. If it were a minor srape or scratch, I'd otherwise recommend Blukote. I'd pack it to keep flies and other insects out of it just in case. A daily flushing and packing as I stated will heal it in time.
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It does look like a cyst. My girls get inflammed spots there from the roo jumping on them. Sometimes they have an impacted feather shaft from where he has broken the feathers off. Warm compresses might help. It might need to be lanced and cleaned out like Dawg said but I would not pack it with anything, just let it air.
Do you have a roo? You might need to separate her from him if you do.
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Thank you...can I fly one of you out to Northern California to do this for me...I am a big CHICKEN when it comes to this...I can't even have my blood drawn without the terror setting in. I guess I have to ask my husband to help out. I don't have a Roo so no problems there. It is possible she banged herself up getting up to her roost. I just made some changes in the hen house that may help with that. I do appreciate your response. I will keep you posted.'s a long flight lol...but if you lived within reasonable driving distance from me, I'd be happy to do it for you with you watching and learning!! Welcome to BYC...It's a good learning experience for you and you'll be a chicken fixer upper pro before you know it lol!! Good Luck.
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