Poem for English teacher? Should I write a small note?


10 Years
May 8, 2009
Hello, all. Seems like I have a lot of questiosn related to my English teacher Mrs. W lately. I told her today that I would bring in some of my poems for our poetry unit that starts tomorrow. That way she could read them for the fun of it when she got some time. I am bringing one about my dad. Since he died in January (which may or may not be implie din the poem) the poem is very special to me. I thought about jotting down a little note that said something like, By the way, this poem means a lot to me because my dad died in January. That is why I wrote it. I'm wondering, though, since I've been wanting to know whether she was told or not last year (I figure she probably knows because it was in the scool announcements), if this is a good thing or a bad thing to say. I don't want her pity (I despsise pity), but I thought maybe I'd just tell her what the purpose of the poem is. If I don't make a big deal of it, everything should be okay, right? I can tell her that?
A heads up would be prefectly acceptable.

There is no problem telling her that as long as YOU are comfortable with it.
Sometimes letting people know a parent died is a relief. Other times it can make you uncomfortable(usually because you THINK the person you told is uncomfortable with this knowledge).

So no, it's not "wrong" to tell her this and may actually be right for you.

Did I make any sense?
If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then the note could always say "This poem means alot to me, its about my father." Seeing as how you said she probably already knows, with it being the the paper and all. Or you could always put it under the title of the poem.."dedicated to my father (insert name here). Just an idea..

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