pointed vs rounded feathers...pics?

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    Can someone here post a pic ...maybe a scan... of the pointed and rounded saddle feathers that signify pullet or cockerel?

    Or is there somewhere here that you can link me to with a close up pic of what i am supposed to be looking for?
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    It's a pretty dramatic difference. It really is "narrow and pointed" versus "shorter and rounded". Go to www.feathersite.com and look at almost any of the breed pages (not campines or sebrights [​IMG]) and compare the hackle and saddle feathers between photos labelled hens and photos labelled roos. Those are the feathers at the base of the neck over top of the 'shoulders', and the lower back just before the tail.

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    Sep 28, 2008
    Cockerel: Mind you...it won't be THIS dramatic, these feathers are used for fishing lures:

    Notice the neck AND saddle feathers are all pointy on the males?


    Not all females will have the lacing (black surrounding the outside of the feather) but the Sebright was the only one I could find that really showed the curved neck and saddle feathers.

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