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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by jdoane, Oct 8, 2013.

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    I have a 6 month SLW in quarantine. My little flock of 4 is 9 weeks old. So by the time I take the SLW out of quarantine they will be 7 months and just over 3 months. I plan on moving the dog crate into the run so they can all see one another.

    Just wondering if since the SLW is definitely bigger than the other 4 whether that might help even out the odds. 4 smaller birds possibly picking on one much bigger bird. The other thing I was wondering is after quarantine and some intro, whether it might help to bring one of my four (the mellowest one) into the crate with the SLW for a short into and then move them both into the run?

    My SLW is very calm and seems very sweet. My others (the 9 weekers) are a Barred Rock (she's the one I might think of using as a transition bird - very quiet and was always the one taking care of the other chicks), a Golden Buff (she's head chick but not aggressive - just the one they all follow), a Black Australorp (also a nice chick, friendly and brave but not remotely picky), and a Black Orpington (she likes to posture but never actually does anything).

    I probably should be more concerned about this but they all seem very mellow. We'll see how it goes. I have another 3 weeks anyway.

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    Keeping the SLW in the crate in the run for awhile sounds like a good plan, gives them a chance to get to know each other. Then if you can let her loose to be around them when they free range (all or some of the younger ones) or are out in the run for awhile and just gradually extend the time they are together if there aren't any problems. The first few days they are overnight in the coop together I would be really sure to have the door open in the morning before they get up in case somebody decides to get nasty. With her so much older, they really shouldn't give her any problems, and hopefully she will be lonely enough to want to hang with them.

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