POL: List of ages my different breeds started laying eggs, and what hatchery they came from :


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I have a variety pack of breeds all at or around Point of lay. The reason I started this thread is because when I was waiting for my first eggs, I didn't just want to know when other people's pullets started laying eggs, I also wanted to know what hatcheries they came from. So, I thought I would post. If anyone else took notes of their pullets POL,breed and hatchery or wherever they obtained their pullets from, please post.

I've kept careful record of this info, and I weigh every egg daily. I am sure one day I'll be less obsessed, but that day isn't today.

Excuse me a moment, there are several chickens on the porch looking into the house talking to me.

Ok. I am back, where were we?? Oh yes eggs......

Here are the ages that they started.

Point of lay by breed and hatchery

RED STARS-17 weeks olds (from McMurray hatchery) very round fat darker brown eggs daily

ARAUCANA- 20 weeks old (Dunlap hatchery) I have 5 of these girls, they all lay either blue, green, or olive eggs

SPECKLED SUSSEX-16 weeks old (from McMurray hatchery) a nice brown egg daily

SILVER LACED WYANDOTTE- 21 weeks old (Dunlap Hatchery) Lays daily, egg is light brown

B.B. RED OLD ENGLISH Game Bantam-21 weeks old (McMurray hatchery) Lays 5 pretty pinkish white eggs a week that weigh on average 26 grams, I intend to get more of these girls because the eggs are very tasty!

CREAM LEGBAR- 21 weeks olds ( hatched by a friend and looks more like a brown Leghorn) light blue egg daily
I have adult Cream legbars whom all started laying at 20-21 weeks as well (from green fire farms) They lay light blue eggs daily. I also have one adult cream LegBar whom lays a fart, witch or fairy egg about twice weekly. She lays no other eggs and is infertile. I have just learned that I should be superstitious and throw these eggs over my house.
so bad luck doesn't befall me!

WHITE LEGHORNS- they are 3.5 months old, not laying quite yet, I'll update when they start (Dunlap Hatchery)

CAYUGA DUCKS- 16 weeks old (Dunlap hatchery) I have 3 hens, they all three lay a big egg every single day, I am drowning in duck eggs! The eggs are light gray in color
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