Polish chicken questions


10 Years
Dec 17, 2009
Rocky Point, NC
I've been trying to look up information about Polish chickens and I'm not having much luck so here I am.

I have about 7 polish chickens and I think most are males :( I was looking at them today and not only noticed there blue legs but they have blue earlobes like a silkie. Is this common in this breed? These are suppose to be standard chickens.

All the colors vary. I have a few white crested black, silver laced, golden laced and some with golden lace with some blue tail feathers. There crests have been pulled by a mean little bantam frizzle rooster. He's in time out because he goes after the Polish chickens thinking they are females.

Do you need pictures? I can take some and post them at another time.

Thanks for your help.

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