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I began raising my first flock this past April. Started out with ten, lost the silkie first day, and got rid of the two roosters (can't have them in my neighborhood). Now I have two barred rocks, two Americaunas, two reds and one white crested polish..
The polish removed herself from the others in the beginning...
I open run at least 5 days a week so they can venture around backyard eating grass and bugs.. She doesn't care to come out until i make her. She finds a spot hidden in our plants usually by the basil and sits there all day. Won't come when I'm feeding mealworms or any leftovers. Doesn't eat with the others. She isn't necessarily being picked on by the others just completely ignored.
Depressed? I've heard that maybe it's always a good idea to have even numbers.. (Which is why i started out with ten) The others very noticeably stay together who are of the same breed but all play together. She looks as if she's not growing anymore.. Much smaller than the others and much skinnier.. I feed them grain, oyster shell, scratch, treats, and LOTS of leftovers including the grass/plants and bugs. The others already started laying.. Found one egg that was with no shell and no rubber lining.. Just like you would crack an egg on the pan in the nesting box.. Almost think it's hers..
Anyone else experiences this?
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Sometimes you have a jelly egg that can break upon delivery - They will eat the eggs and shell even the jelly shell. Or one of the chickens could have been egg bound and the shell broke- their vents would be dirty Or you have one that is eating eggs.

The polish must be low on the pecking order. It happens sometimes. I wonder if they don't see as well. Even if you get her a friend, she may not bond with it. Some chickens are more likely to be loners. I would make sure they don't prevent her from eating and drinking by offering water and feed in more than one location so they cannot run her off.

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I've never experienced anything like that, so I can't advice from personal experience. Maybe she just needs a little extra attention and it sounds like she can do with some extra treats too, poor thing. I had one hen that got bullied something awful by the rest of my flock years ago. I made a point of fussing over her, making sure she ate well, etc and she thrived. Maybe it will work for your hen?
Thank you Caroline and Sumi!
@Caroline- I have never thought about placing more areas for feed and water.. That might help. Ill grab another of both when I'm at roundup. And yes, she can barely see because of her feathered head. Easy to sneak up on her. And yes, I don't think adding another would help any. I may not get another Polish in the future..
@Sumi- And yes I think your right Sumi, she does need more attention probably from us. The others come straight up to us, bend low to let us pick them up and stay on our laps.. Which obviously makes it easier to pay more attention to them. She needs a bit more "love". My girls (kids) said they would be her "friend".
Polish and silkies are two breeds that often have obscured vision due to their big crests, etc. sometimes carefully cutting back the feathers is all that is needed. Once they can see well, they usually become bolder and more energetic. You might give that a try also, feathers will eventually grow out again, so no harm done.
Welcome to BYC! I agree with drumstick diva, your Polish most likely can't see so she's very timid. When I had Silkies, they got bullied all the time by the non-crested chickens. I eventually re-homed them because it was awful to watch. Now I only keep the non-crested types. Try clipping her feathers to see if that helps. Good luck to you.

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