Polish chickens are fighting.


6 Years
Sep 2, 2013
I have 5 polish chickens. 3 White crested black chickens (2 roosters 1hen), 1 golden polish hen. And a all white one. One of the roosters and the golden polish hen keep Chasing the all white one. He is afraid to even come out of the coop most the time. I have to put a feeder inside the coop and outside so he can eat in peace. What should I do?
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It sounds like the one Polish rooster is too aggressive towards the other male. It would be a good idea to either separate the picked on rooster with a hen in a pen and coop or section of your current coop, or rehome the extra rooster or the mean one, which ever one you don't favor.

A lot of the polish chickens are mean.
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The picked on chicken is a hen not a rooster. The other chickens are fine with her, but the rooster does not seem to like her. I am going to let the roost roam free outside of the coop. If he still chases her i will put him in the old coop with the golden hen.

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