Polish chicks


Apr 16, 2016
I got 2 polish chickens to replace my 2 that died and it seems that polish chicks are really wimpy because they always die. One of my replacements just died and I don't understand my normal chickens are doing grate its just worrying me that the other replacement is going to die. Why are polish chickens so hard to keep alive?
I haven't found that to true, and have raised many polish right next to other breeds. Perhaps you need to find a different source, there could be something wrong with their breeding.
Ok. The person who I by them from has some older chicks but they are doing fine I think it may be getting to hot for them it was 94 degrees hear so I unplugged their heat light. So I guess I will get another older replacement.
That's certainly possible, I start mine at 85. So if it's warmer than that I wouldn't use heat as they can overheat. Makes it easier to brood them. I also get mine outside on some grass during the first week, especially with those temperatures. Provide shade, food and water and move the pen daily around the yard. I use a piece of fencing formed in a circle that stands on its own.

Good luck with the new ones.
Thanks. Mine are in the barn it is shaded by the big willow trees around our house so the bard isn't to hot but I still unplugged the lamp.

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