Polish Crested! Roo or pullet?


7 Years
May 3, 2012
Crockett, Arkansas
I have been told both, that roos have smaller top nots and that they have fluffier ones Can anyone tell me what this one is? There a couple with top nots that are straight up still that have started bumping chest. Please help!
This one has always had pretty good fluff, and is between 6 and 7 weeks.Roo or pullet?

This last one is just to funny!
YES! Thank you so much. My friend had an extra rooster last fall and I took him to my sister for giggles, as they are really funny and mostly good natured. She LOVED him and named him Leonard. They had chicks at the feed store so I purchaced "plenty", all they had (16; or my son did) to make sure she could get a mate for him, and me a pair as well. I am leaving in a bit to stay the weekend with her, 2 hrs away, and wanted to take her one since they are finally big enough to travel. It was a straight run and according to this, there is only, maybe 4 pullets to choose from! Thank heavens my friend needs another roo after a dog got hers!!!!!!!! Thanks.
your welcome! and yes, i really believe its a hen because the top knot is very rounded and its face is not turning bright red. by now if it was a roo it would have started the color change. the white crested black polish and the white crested blue polish are my personal favorite! have then with them!
So glad I found this thread!

We picked up a polish crested a couple of months ago and since it's started feathering out I was concerned it may be a roo. But Alberta (as my daughter named her) looks very similar to your pullet.
I agree ... looks like a pullet and if there's no change in the redness or size of the wattles in the next few weeks, she's definitely a pullet.

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