Polish "hair" and sexing. Pics added


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I have two almost 4 week old Polish Bantams. One has the biggest hair you have ever seen....it is like a huge feather duster, perfectly even all the way around her head. The other has a much narrower "pouf" and it seems to extend a bit and hang down in the back. Is this an indication of gender? The one with the narrow hair also seems to have a slightly wider nose area....like where the comb will eventually grow. Neither has any comb to speak of yet, I am not even sure what type comb a Polish has? Since they don't sex bantams I am wondering if we got one boy and one girl.
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Sadly, I've seen males have poofy heads also, so it takes time before you're able to tell for sure. The breed is known for large nostriles (sp) so that's no good.

Boys grow into having dread-locked crest feathers and girls grow into poofy afros. But at 4 weeks, everyone looks pretty much the same. However, at that age the comb/wattles rules still apply, even to that breed. That could help. Males have crests that hang over the back, while girls have hair that poofs up. Pics are going to give a better answer. Though I can't be sure I'm able to help you.

Polish and most crested breeds have a V-comb, which looks alot like the La Fleche's comb, like weird devil horns. As the bird gets older and acquires the comb, it'll start to be hidden by the crest. I can try my best to help with pics, though I give to garuntees.
Just by that, it sounds like Violet is a girl and isadora is a boy.
I will get some pics on in a bit, was just not motivated enough to do it last night.
Alright, I took a couple of pics of the little sweeties. It doesn't show as well in the pics as it does in person, unfortunately.

Violet (the one I assume is a girl)

Isadora (the one I am afraid is a boy)

Both together (Violet left, Isadora right)
I think they could go either way right now...I've had pullets and roos that started out looking like both of yours.

Just watch for those little toothpicks in their crest....or red in their face or wattles. The roos I had got red before I noticed any difference in the shape of their crest.

They are both really cute!!!! I lurv Polish.
Oh I wish they would both be girls. I really don't feel like we can keep yet another roo but the look of disappointment on my 9 y/o's face when I said we might have to get rid of one was AWFUL!!! These are our first Polish and they really are just too cute!!!
So far there are no little spikes on either one
so maybe!!! We have some La Fleche the same age and the one boy I ordered is starting to get really cute little "horns" already and none of the females of that group are so maybe that is a good sign, too.
ROFL, Mark!!! You are right, they do!!!! It is so funny because they are Abraham's (my 9 y/o) and he used to have a crayon red mohawk, now he has spikes. His hair is dark brown and most of the time he has the tips bleached blond. *sigh* a boy and his chickens.

No, no, no, Mark!!!!! You have to hatch your dad those turkeys, and take care of Abby (and all the chickies, etc)!!!!
you are a certified hatchaholic!!!!!

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