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My polish hens are all young, less than a year old and they are laying like crazy!(medium to large pinkish eggs) Some even started during the coldest days of winter. here are my questions: 1 Why are they regarded as flighty? mine stay under foot so bad I have to be careful not to step on them. 2. In all the books they are listed as ornamental not a laying breed. Are mine an anomaly or do other people have good luck with them as layers? 3. Are all Polish talkie and chow hounds? 4. Why are they listed as hard to keep esp in winter, these are super healthy and seem to have no problems with the cold.
My wife has only one requirement what ever we had must look good these guys fit the bill and havig them lay so well has just been an extra blessing
I have Polish bantams, and here's my thoughts in regards to your questions:

1) I don't know why they're referenced as flighty. Mine are very sociable and actually little clowns when it comes to getting my attention.
2) My experience with them as layers has been great. Last summer, my white frizzle hens were laying every day...and laid a very large egg for their little body size.
3) Mine are very chatty. I have a cuckoo frizzle roo that will talk back to me when I say something to him.
4) I live in the Michigan thumb, and I've never had a problem with my Polish in the winter.

Good luck...sure hope your wife lets you keep them. They're really a fun breed to have.
I agree with your observations. Only flighty I've seen is when the cat sneaked up really close and scared a hen because she didn't see the cat coming. This is my first year with Polish and I find they are just a hoot. They are my little clowns begging for attention at my feet, singing to me in the sweetest little voices. What wonderful personalities. My girls have been steady layers too. We get a lot of rain that just flattens their hair do. The climate is mild with not a lot of snow or long freezes. With the dampness my only concern has been them getting cold from having soaked heads. So far they have been smart enough to go under cover and dry off.
yea, mine like to spread their wings when the get a chance, when i let them out of their pen. & they are over 6 months old and have not laid any thing yet. however i do love them & i am waiting it out

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