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Jun 7, 2011
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I have two, 5 week old polish- one White Crested and one Silver Laced. My question is does the crest come in different for pullets v's cockerels? My SLed looks like a Mohawk and my WCed looks like a huge cotton ball.
Normally the males have pointy crests and alot more scattered.
Females have very round crests.

Our roo had a very round crest till he turned about 4 months old and started to crow.
Then his pointy crest feathers came in.

That was what I was thinking.... CRAP O LA!

I have 7 chicks left from this last order of 12 (a bunch of different issues) and out of them I think 3-4 are roos... They are all supposed to be pullets (that I ordered specifically
In my experience yes, the hens have a round ball like tuffed on their head and the roos had longer less ball shaped tuffed
Here is a hen see she has a ball like tuffed

Here is a roo see his tuffed is not like a ball I guess you could call it a Mohawk
Here is my roo before he matured about 2-3 months old:

4 months old and maturing:

You can also tell by their wattles.
If the wattles are big at this young age, its probably a roo.
Ours is a bantam btw.
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If they are hatchery chicks, you CAN NOT go by the crest shape as it is coming in! It is totally different with them than with breeder Polish. I have also noticed that, with the exception of the BL Polish, the laced and Tolbunts seem to get the mohawk look at first, no matter the gender.
Interesting fact, i had no idea :eek:
I found mine so i don't know where it came from.
I only assume someone let it loose once they discovered it was a rooster because i put up signs and no one claimed it.
We weren't totally sure about our Polish until the crests were fully grown. We were afraid we had 3 roos until one of the crests "rounded out." What a relief!


This is Cal while he was growing his "big boy" feathers.


Here is Cal now, the roo in front.


Cutie, the one on the left, just starting to get her "big girl" feathers.


Cutie now. Sorry it is not so clear... she was hopping around, super happy to be with my son (she followed him into the house!), but you can at least see how round and poofy her crest is.

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