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    May 31, 2016
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    My Silver laced Polish rooster has all of his head feathers hanging to one side. They hang just under his chin in length now. I lifted the feathers to reveal an underdevoloped area. His face looks pale and he didn't want to open the eye. I'm sure i would look the same if half my face hadn't gotten light in a month. I tried using a hair tie loosely and it looked good but he was clawing at it relentlessly. I removed it once i saw him tear a feather out trying to it.

    Any suggestions?

    Can i trim them?

    He is the only rooster in the pen. Him and the 10 hens are 10 weeks now.

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    Hi there :frow

    Yes trimming is fine to do and from what you have described I'm sure he would appreciate it very much. I trim certain ones of mine that have trouble seeing. It's a two person job, one to hold the bird and one to do the trimming.

    Good luck with him.
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