Polish roo with full crest, can he....

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by gritsar, Jul 28, 2011.

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    My pair of polish are now 3 months old. Both have nice looking crests. We've already given the little pullet two "haircuts" because she was obviously not seeing well - running into things, in circles, etc.

    However, every time I pick up the polish cockerel to give him a trim, I look him in the face and his eyes are clearly visible. His poof is going out in every direction. I end up not trimming his because I don't want to ruin his looks if I don't have to for the sake of safety. He doesn't run into things like the pullet does.

    With the roo's crest going up and out does it still become necessary to trim or does the overall shape keep it out of his eyes?

    These two free range with the rest of the flock(s), but they do stick close to their "sister", a turken who is very alert.
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    I haven't trimmed my roos crest. His feathers seem to stay out of his eys so he can see so I haven't done anything. The girls I have had to. I know he sees well because every time my son throws something he sounds the alarm! As long as he can do that he gets to keep his crest.
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    If he seems to be able to see, then leave it. My little polish roo needs a haircut from time to time because it's obvious he can't see. He walked right over the top hen one day w/out seeing her [​IMG]
    Need I say that had rather disastrous results since he's still at the bottom of the pecking order. Poor guy. But some have crests that go back enough they don't need it.
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    Thanks y'all. I so want Ozzy to be able to keep his crest. [​IMG]


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