Polish sexing

I am going through the same thing. What I have been told is a rounded and symmetrical crest is usually female. Males usually have a mohawk or kind of unruly crest.
yep, thats true, some breeds you can tell by there color.
Like the golden and the buff,
In buffs the females are lighter than the males
in golden the females are a brighter golden color than the males.
The crest sexing isn't reliable at first, because sometimes they can fool you! The best way to tell is around 4-6 weeks. Roosters will start to get red wattles and/or a V comb (which looks like little horns) and pullets definitely will not. The only thing a pullet at 4-6 weeks should have is possibly tiny flesh colored wattles, and many don't even have that. Some roosters will only get wattles or only a comb at first, then the second thing will show up later, but as long as they have one or the other then it's 99.5% sure it's a roo!

I've found this to be reliable for crevecoeurs, polish, spitzhaubens, and houdans! I think sultans are similar also because the only sultan I've had grew a comb at 6 weeks and he was a rooster.
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I know this is an older thread but was wondering if anyone out there could clarify something. I have a 7 week old polish with bright red waddles? That means definitely a roo right?
Is this a roo??? I drove an hour to get this baby and told the guy I couldn't have roosters were I live and I think he sold me a rooster anyway! What does it look like to you? It's even getting what looks like spurs on the back of it's legs too!


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