POLL: What is the most number of days it has taken to hatch an egg under broody hen?

What is the most days it has taken to hatch an egg under a broody hen?

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8 Years
May 15, 2011
I have 8 eggs sitting under a broody hen. I am on day 21 and am seeing no progress as far as noise and pipping. I candled them all on day 20 while the mom was off the nest and saw that 5 of the 8 were moving. From personal experience,I was wondering what is the longest it has taken for a broody hen to hatch an egg?
We are on our first and second broody. Tomorrow would be day 21 and today we have 3 pips and one almost all the way zipped. Nothing from the others and I did not candle them at all. Our second broody is set to hatch on the 11th.
Today is 21 for us and NOTHING!!
Just hoping they are going to make it!!
We have 3 chicks now. One I had to help, the white membrane was dried and had it stuck so I wet it and chipped some shell away and it finally broke free. It is the one on the left, it had just broken out.

Good news! We have had 5 hatch in the late of day 21 and into the night of day 22!
Tomorrow is day 21. I have 6 silkie eggs under my only silkie. This is our first hatching and we are all so excited...maybe I should candle and check it out. I was fearful that she wouldn't want me touching her eggs like they say wild birds do! Is there anything I should do once they hatch? They are seperated from the rest of the flock in the silkie condo!
Congrats on all the babies! I checked under my hen today (no chicks) and when she settled back on the I heard a *POP*!!! After getting rid of the egg, she then ate the left over goo!
I'm just hoping for one baby!!!
I am so happy for you! I just checked outside again and I have ANOTHER chick...that makes 6 chicks so far! The first one hatched about 18 hours ago.

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