PolyMax Poultry flooring from Farmtek

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7 Years
Aug 14, 2012
Has anyone ever used or tried this as a cleaner floor option in their coop/run? We are thinking of trying this so we (and the kiddos) can walk into the run and everyone has cleaner feet upon exit- us and the chickens... We have a drainage system in the run for when we clean out the run or hen house... this would be easy to just hose off, letting the floor be drier faster, cleaner and no gunk stuck to the chickens or our feet. What do you guys think?

Here are some benefits that they boast:
-A clean, comfortable floor keeps animals healthy and happy!
-Foot problems and breast blisters in poultry virtually disappear.
-Rugged, non-porous polypropylene flooring inhibits bacteria growth.
-Easy to clean and disinfect.
-Will not rust or rot.
-Black panels are 24" x 48" with 7/8" square openings.

www.farmtek.com is where we would order it from... Thanks for any help or opinions :)
I am not a fan of mesh flooring whether it is wire, poly, or any other material. I have seen it used in dog kennel set-ups. The premise is that no bedding material is used to soak up runny poo and waste is washed from the mesh daily. In a kennel set-up the runoff (wastewater) flows through troughs and into a sewer pipe or into a finger treatment system. Is the poultry runoff going into a septic system or drained out onto the ground? In my opinion... ample pine chips with adding bedding and occasional cleanings will keep things dry and will better serve your needs. Sifted sand can also be used. The spent bedding and poo can go into a compost bin and then used around vegetation or in your garden. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope this helps!

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The "upstairs" portion of my Egg Cart'n tractor has that type of flooring. It is definitely sturdy, and while it has holes in it, the "bars" are wide enough that it is comfortable for the chickens to walk on as needed. I have even crawled in there a time or two to reach something in the back, and it doesn't hurt my hands or knees, and it easily supports my weight. The tractor is about 4 yrs old now, and is always outside, and the flooring shows no signs of weakness or wear.

I don't have a problem using it in an area that the chickens are not in 24/7. Such as inside the coop if they are only in the coop to lay during the day and roost at night. I don't know that I would keep chickens on it 24/7. In fact, when I have used my tractor as a brooder, and have locked everybody onto the "upstairs" portion, I spread a thick layer of hay down on the flooring. It makes me feel better...

I forgot to address the dirty human feet issue...

The entrance area to my run is a pathway of pavers. It does a good job of scrubbing everything off my feet as I walk across it. But, I also do not wear deep treaded shoes in the coop/run. I generally wear Crocs, which have no tread, and shed dirt easily. I do have good 'ole black rubber muck/mud boots that I wear when it is raining, and to do horse chores. But, they NEVER, EVER get worn into the house, so I don't get worried about what gets stuck in the tread. The get taken off on the porch or in the garage.

My kids also know that they CANNOT wear shoes into my house. They have to get taken off outside. Easier than cleaning up the messes that get tracked in the house.
Thanks guys! We ended up purchasing this interlocking flooring for the enclosed part if the run... and we LOVE IT! This is wayyyy less messy! The floor is cleaner for us tobwalk on, the chicken feet are clean so the kids can pick the birds up without getting dirty, anything that doesn't fall thru the holes into our drainage system below gets washed off easily when I spray down the floor every other week or so- this also washes the drainage "pit" below the run floor. It is very sturdy and is easy to install! I would highly recommend it!

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