Poo as probiotic?

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    Hi All, I've got a sick chicken that I've got an anti-biotic regimen and I'd like to get some "good bacteria" into her gut. I know a lot of folks recommend yogurt for this, but yogurt can reduce the efficiency of tetracycline. I've seen mention that young chicks get good bacteria from their mother's droppings - so it's got me thinking about using her healthy sister's poo as a source of probiotics. Anybody "jump started" their chickens this way? Does it do any good to even attempt this until the anti-biotic course is completed?

    Thanks for your input.
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    It might work.

    I read recently that a fellow with Chrones disease had some of his wife's poop put into his intestines. It cured him. Who'd a thunk it?

    And I think I have to take s*#% from my wife every now and again.
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    Mahonri- you are the funniest. I have heard that Turkey poo helps prevent certain diseases.
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    Quote:The next great cure for cancer.............................................. [​IMG]
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    That sounds like an excellent way of repopulating the gut as long as you are sure the donor is a healthy bird.

    My daughter got C. diff as a young child and we almost lost her. She spent 6 months recovering from it. One of the treatment options given when she was at her most ill was a fecal transplant. I remember being absolutely horrified by the prospect, but we would have done anything to save her, so... Fortunately, she was able to recover using a couple courses of antibiotics (Flagyl was one of them, but I don't remember the other) and a 6 month therapeutic regimen of Culturelle, which is a powdered probiotic that comes in a gel cap. I still keep Culturelle on hand to use after anyone in the house has to go on an antibiotic. I have to special order it through my pharmacy, but it's worth it.

    Good luck.

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