Poo collect on butt feathers


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Jun 15, 2017
Harrisville, NY
I have been stumped as I now have 3 of my Silkies pullets get poo stuck to feathers. I have routinely check for mites and lice, vents looks fine no sign of anything there, eggs are clean. Poo is normal color and consistency. Active, eating, drinking. What I have noticed is it begins shortly after they start laying and being mounted by my cockerel. Anyone know if this is normal? Is there something I can do?


Mar 5, 2018
It is called pasty butt and it is totally normal but when ever it happens take warn water and clean it all off then put olive oil on it. If you don't they can't poop.


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
How old are they, do you heat your coop, and do you have water stations in several locations so they are drinking plenty of water? What do they eat? Diarrhea can cause loose droppings to get on feathers, and those may build up. A fecal float by your vet could point out any coccidiosis or worms.

You also might want to check them for lice and lice eggs which look like little white clumps at the base of the festhers, especially under the vent. Look for tiny fast moving bugs when you part the feathers. Pull off any dried droppings, and trim extra feathers. If lice are seen, get some permethrin 10% spray at a feedstore, and treat the at 10 days intervals until no lice or eggs are seen. Spray only the vent area where lice are seen, but one type of lice only affects the neck and underwing area, so look there also. The most common louse in chickens is under the vent.

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