Chicky Tocks

14 Years
Oct 20, 2008
Benton, Arkansas
I really enjoy just going out to the run and sitting in it with my 12 week old feather kids. They love it too, they alway come running and peeping "what'didya bring us mom huh huh?!"

A few of them are especially cuddly and like to jump up on my arms, shoulders and back. So I've been out there this afternoon just chilling with my peeps. I came back in the house and walked up to my son who was on the computer. He says, "Mom, there's a big wad of chicken crap on your back. I called him a liar cause he's 16 and likes to razz me on occasion...he says, "what you can't smell that?"

That's when it hit me. There was chicken crap on my back. I ran into the bathroom and like an idiot, stripped my shirt off inside out and then there's chicken poop in my hair. Oh I smelled it then!

The shower was a good thing.

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