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    Mar 28, 2011
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    I have a chick that was shipped Wed. arrived here Friday and was small and weak and slept alot. I have been feeding her sugar water which she has drank. She looks a little perkier today but still wobbly and I have to give her water. She does walk around some but not to the food or water dish.

    I'm cooking egg as I type this for mash up the yolk for her.

    I have picture of some poop. I could use some input on what you see. The dark part looks like a string kind of like a sausage casing with a little reddish stuff inside like blood. Is that normal for a new chick? If not any ideas as to what it is? I thought the shipping just wasn't kind to her but....... let me know your thoughts. If I can save her I'd like to.


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    I am sorry I have never had chicks. I am not sure, but you might want to read about cocci. Hopefully someone else with more experience will read this and help. If it is cocci it can kill the chick quickly.
    There is something called chick saver out there that has vitamins and electrolytes in it. You might want to try that or something similar in the mean time. Also polyvisol vitamins with out iron ( just don't over do the polyvisol).

    I would find the chick saver. Are you feeding medicated or non medicated chick starter?
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    I have looked at the poop chart but none of them have the 'string' which almost looks like an intestinal tract (I'm sure it isn't). There is some dark red in there I was hoping someone was going to say oh that it just bilirubin or from the birth. Not sure the poop will tell me what is wrong. She is just weak. She is small. It may just be not a vigorous hatching plus shipping has got to be hard on them. But she does seem to be fading.

    I think the poop is ok. I've had other chicks with cocci she isn't having bloody diaherra and she is almost too young for cocci.

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