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Mar 9, 2010
So I'm new at this and learning as I go. Got 50 chicks last week (they sent me 2 extra, so 52) and already 7 are gone after a week. I just learned about the pasty butt and realize now that I have to clean them when I get home today (I thought that was normal). My other concern though is that I refresh their feeder twice a day. Within minutes of puting the feeder back in the brooder, they are pooping on and in it. I imagine they must be eating the poop too whether they want to or not. Is this contributing to the death of the seven or is this a normal rate of death given the original amount was 52?
All chicks poop wherever they are when it happens, even if it's in their feeder. And they also taste-test poop on the floor of the brooder, on the shavings or whatever you use to cover the bottom of the brooder. Kinda can't stop that normal behavior. You'd be surprised how good they get at picking out feed around the poop, after a while. Of course, it's still best practice to clean it out of the feeder. (I actually get more annoyed at the shavings they kick INTO the feeder, because that blocks more of the openings than does chick poop!)

Your die-off is probably no greater than mine was, my first batch. I lost two out of 8.
I've raised several batches of chicks at this point, and they've all managed to poop in their feeder. You can try a block of wood under the feeder to raise it, which might help some, but in my experience, they'll manage to do it anyway!

I shake out and refill the feeder a couple times a day, and have never had it hurt them.
Yep. They are going to be exposed to their own poop and the other chickens poop their whole lives. No way to avoid it and their systems are designed to deal with it.
The first time you see them scratch through a pile of horse or cow poo to get to the best pieces, it'll cease to be a worry.
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