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    Haha I thought that would get you in here. [​IMG]

    Okay, we're about to start building our coop and Ive been reading over this section very carefully! [​IMG] I want to make sure I do everything right the first time. I was thinking about my roost area and what I wanted to do for the poop area underneath. I thought about having the normal roost and then underneath have a 'drawer' that you can pull out from the outside of the coop. When your outside of the coop you can pull the 'drawer' out and scrap off the poop. Then slide it back it. Sorta set it up like the picture below(posted by another BYCer) but have a little slide-out drawer to clean the poop out. And I want all my roost to be the same level so they dont fight for the top roost.

    Do you think this would work? What are your thoughts? Wanna share photos of yours?

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    looks great to me!
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    A drawer is a fine idea. Just make sure that you frame the headers well above the drawer, else the weight of the wall will eventually warp down and pinch the drawer.

    The header above the drawer should be made out of two 2x6's with a piece of 3/4" ply in the center... Glue it and screw it up, then hammer it in under top of a pair of jack studs.. You'll never have warping, ever.

    Same way windows are framed.

    That's not the method I'll be doing, but it's a fine idea.. So long as the framing is good, you'll have no issues.

    My plan is to have a "sand box" poop board under the [movable] roosts so that I just have to scoop it now and then and maybe top off the sand from time to time.
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