Poopy bottom, starting molt: normal? How to clean matted feathers?

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    Jun 13, 2011
    I have four chickens (two Easter Eggers and two Barred Rocks) that are less than a year old (started laying in June). One of my Barreds has been having problems with poopy back feathers. The others seem fine, and I do think perhaps the stool might have been from too much fruit (could that be?).

    Now for about 4 days, I've gotten no eggs from either Barred, and I'm seeing some feathers in the coop. Nights are getting longer and colder. So....molting? Should I be worried about the Barred Rocks? The poopy butt? Should I clean it up or leave it alone, hoping the molt takes care of business? (She actually put up with me hosing her down, but it didn't get everything) And what are some other causes of loose stool (it isn't bloody and I don't see worms in any of the feces)?
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Some birds just have poopy butts. This is especially true if they are not roosting on a pole where the poop can fall away from them at night. The molt should take care of it. If not you can opt for a bath or some selective trimming of butt feathers. I have done both. I like trimming better because it is a longer term solution. They should be OK until they grow back the feathers, but you can add increased protein to their diets to help speed the process along.

    Loose stools are not uncommon. Cecal poops are pretty nasty and sticky. If they are constantly having loose stools then you may need to look at their diets and adjust accordingly. Some organic ACV in their water will help to keep the balance of flora and fauna in the GI system where it should be and help to aid in digestion.

    Good luck.

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