Poor And Sick Annie

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    i have a chicken called Annie. she is suffering trouble.
    well, i cant post a pic to show her symptoms of course but i can write them down here.

    well, she is losing feathers (now tht has come to a pause for a while). she sits on the nest box day and night. the temp is not to much or too low. but some lucky days, like today, she is active but her eyes seem 'sleepy'. she doesnt' go out with the flock. she eats but seldom eats her appetite. she drink but seldom drinks her thirst. she is sick. i have no clue what is the matter.

    now, since she is real old, could it be she is suffering due to old age?

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    Sep 30, 2013
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    How old is Annie? Did the feather loss start around head, neck and wings? Are there pin feathers coming in to replace old feathers? If so she could be molting. Increase the protein in feed to assist feather recovery. 3 of my girls lost weight when they were molting, were listless and didn't want to move around much.

    Have you checked her for any signs of mites/ lice, or has she been wormed? Does her crop empty at night for it to be flat in the morning? Any signs of diarreha or not normal poops? Is she able to walk normally? Check her for an egg externally by gently palpating the area or internally through her vent with a lubed gloved finger. When examining her does she have any sour strong smell from head or her backend? Any white discharge from her vent?

    It is bad when they can't tell us what is wrong and we have to use observation and a bit of detective work to figure out what may be wrong with them. I hope Annie feels better soon.
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    she is 3 years and 2-3 months.
    the eather loss started from her back, and no pin feathers coming. seldom do i notice one or two pin feathers.
    well, i just dewormed my flock a week ago.
    and i never take notice of her crop at the night or morning, will try to cath it next.
    her poops are normal but gigantic.
    yea, she is able to walk normallly
    okay, i will try to check the egg.
    she doesnt have any strong smell.
    i never check her vent, i will check it for the white discharge.

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