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In January of 2012, I bought a round trip ticket to a rich country in east asia, wish to have vacation there, already planning all things, accommodation, exchange money, etc. In August of 2012, got all required papers to travel agent to apply for visa, since I can't apply myself to embassy since the embassy is real far at other island in my country. After waiting for more than 2 weeks due to public holiday in my country slowing the document process, get a call from travel agent, my visa application is rejected. Argh..........! I'm doomed, losing lots of money for the tickets and visa. Grrrr....

I hate being citizen of developing country that require me to apply for visa in order to enter lots of rich country. I never understand what's actually reason of my application rejection. Perhaps they think I'm to work and overstayed my visa. :-s Okay, I'm a solo traveller and that is my first flight abroad, but that's not enough reason to reject my visa, since I provided proof of sufficient funds and bank reference. :(

Several weeks later, buy myself ticket to another country near PRC, spent almost 2 weeks exploring neighboring countries, in and out without visa requirement since they're also developing country although several are quite rich countries too, I'm happy already fulfilling my thirst of journey but I'm still disappointed for the decision of the embassy rejecting my visa.

Next year, with promo ticket, going to go to another rich country in east asia, I will apply the visa myself since this country have consul near my region, I wish I could hold rich countries passport like US, Canada, Australia or Japan that don't require any visa to enter lots of countries in the world. :(
Once I'm abroad, I met a roommate in dorm of budget lodging, an American, I'm jealous with the passport he hold. A US passport which enable him to travel lots of countries even the super rich countries without need to apply for visa. Wish I could switch my passport with him. XD

At the end of the word, you should be happy and proud to hold passport of rich country, not the developing country like mine. :(

my beloved passport with stamp at the end, as a sign of visa rejection. :(
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You'd be amazed at how many people come to the USA on a travel visa and then drop off the radar, never to return home.

About that people, I'm sure they have trouble in their country (usually those from conflicting countries) and they think live in US can give them better future and more secure life.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to US in near moment (perhaps never in my life, due to extreme flight fare and complicated visa application :D )

But, I'm proud to have vacation using my money I earned years by working legally, not like lotssssssssssssss corrupt official govt in my country that simply use their diplomatic passport and using our tax money to have vacation abroad and disguised it as study to compare.

By the way, thank you for the information about those illegal migration. :)

Enjoy your vacation where ever you go.
Thank you, I surely enjoyed having vacation in several nations, they have excellent transportation system, tidiness, great nature and lots of interesting culture to learn. :)

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