Poor little Oddball!


10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
I had no choice but take Oddball away from s/he's siblings. They were SERIOUSLY picking on her. They will run around and knock her over and push her around. She is unable to get back upright when knocked on her back due to her legs. I found her for the 3rd time splattered out on her back with wings spread in the food bowl.

Im making up a box just for her and giving her a stuff animal to accompany. Right now I have her wrapped up in a warm kitchen towel on my lap, fast asleep. Wish there was more for her.
Can you put one chick in with her for company? Poor baby.
Maybe you could find one of the calmer chicks to be with her. A cuddle toy is nice, but I think they really miss the company of another chick.

We had a couple chicks last year that didn't make it. One died the first week, and the other one a couple days later started having the same troubles. We separated her from the other birds (guinea keets, the chicks were cochins) and put a cuddle toy and mirror in with her, but she'd just cheep and cheep until we'd come "play" with her. Poor thing was so lonely. She made it another day or so is all. They both just failed to thrive. They ate and drank okay, and moved around fine until they just kind of collapsed.

Good luck with your little Oddball. Love can do wonders.
Yeah, we are going to tractor's supplies tomorrow to get feed for all my animals and while we are there we are going to check out what chicks they have there. As of right now, Im ALWAYS holding her and bringing her around with me. When Im not holding her, she is wrapped up in her towel in the box with one of the stuff animals my son picked out for her.
Im NOT going to do the deed with her. There is no reason to do that, she is just different then the others.
If it comes to a point where she cannot feed herself or get to her water or stuff like that, I would but she gets around just fine, just that the others have figured out she was the "weak-link" of the bunch.

If anyone has a silkie or anythign that they wouldn't mind sparing to be her friend, beep me up and let me know, would be a pleasure!
i have a little silkie that can barely get arround, i brush her daily as she can't preen, but she seems happy. glad to see your attitude, a good thing for your kids to see toog
We are a family of disability. Out of all 5 of us, only 1 is hearing and that's our son so we really strongly believe that there is not PERFECTION but only DIFFERENCES. That's probably why hubby and I are so attracted to Oddball and would do anything for her. Right now, since I cannot sleep on the bed (pregnancy right now is not easy and the couch is much more comfortable) I bundle her up in a towel and let her sleep on my chest.
Poor little Oddball. But she's a lucky chick to have such caring owners.

This story does make me grateful for ducks, though. I have my little Chance, with the weak legs, in with the other ducks. Not only do they not pick on him, they'll actually run back and "protect" him if he gets left behind "in danger." On the other hand, they do tend to step all over him and knock him over, but they're not doing it on purpose.

Of course, ducks compensate for their amiability by being exceedingly filthy. Hey, it's not about perfection, right?

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