Poorly brahma. Please help.

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    Mar 20, 2016
    So our 9 week old brahma was acting sluggish on Saturday and by Sunday, I knew there was something wrong. She was just standing around all puffed up with her eyes closed. She is also making a whistling sound, instead of her normal peeps. She also wasn't protesting when I picked her up. She is super thin, I can feel her bones. She has been gaping her beak, not super often and no noises or choking when she does it.
    No blood in her poop, a little bit loose, but not diarrhea. No mites, lice, discharge from the vent or nose or eyes.
    She cleaned herself for the first time today since Saturday. She is moving around more after some honey, electrolyte water, and her food. She is turning her nose up at the soft boiled egg.

    So does anyone have any advice? I have been told it could be cocci, but my gut says no. Could it be gape worm or another worm? I don't see worms in poop. She seems better with the isolation and lots of TLC, but I don't want to reintroduce until I know it's safe.

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