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    Jun 20, 2011
    hiya hope some one can help, basically im new to this chicken marlarky but am abolutly loving it! until today when i went to do my daily clean out of coop and collect eggs to find one of my hens lying on the coop floor still breathing but eyes closed i was sooo shocked so ran to get my partner who then scooped her out to have a look, we held her and walked up the garden with her and her eyes opened a few times so we got her a cardbord box and lay her in there with some water after feeling her for egg boundness or hard crop.could not see or feel any major probs so we left her in peace for awhile but when we came bk to her she has passed into chicken heaven soooo sad. my main cooncern is finding out what actually happened as i have 5 other chickens and dont want anymore dying on me as i just couldnt cope with that!!! any suggestions wud be greatly apreciated thanks from claire
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    Hi Claire,

    so sorry to hear about your loosing your hen.

    Do you live someplace where you could get a necropsy done? If you contact your county extension agent (if you are in USA), they may be able to tell you how to go about the process. I think that you would need to refrigerate the chicken (but not freeze it) and follow instrucions that they would give you. Barring that perhaps a vet nearby could help diagnose the reason that the chicken died.

    It must be tough, not having any symptoms and no idea what went wrong.

    You didn't say how old your hen was--- could it have just been time for this hen to die?

    Once again so sorry for you loss. Hopefully someone on this forum could help, but like you, we don't have much to go on.
    Good luck with the rest of your flock.
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