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  1. Good day, y'all! [​IMG] Here's my dilemma. We have an 8x8 coop with an attached run of 260 square feet. My total chick population (babes still in the brooder) was 12 with another 2 on order expected in May bringing my total to 14. WELL...a "problem" (a quite adorable one at that! [​IMG] ) has arisen to the tune of 2 bantam cochin chicks, 1 mystery bantam chick and an EE chick that were gifted to my children for Easter. With the 2 coming in May, the total population would be 18. [​IMG] (HOW did this HAPPEN?! [​IMG] ). My question is this: Do I need to cancel my order or can my coop/run support this many birds without the problems of pecking etc. arising?
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    8x8=64 which divided by 18 = 3.6 square feet indoors per chicken.
    260 divided by 18 = 14.4 sq ft outdoors per chicken.

    I don't think it sounds unreasonably squished, especially considering a few are banties, although obviously more space is always better.

    JMO, good luck, have fun,

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    You are at the limit.

    Time to build another coop or breeding pen.

    My boys are building two 10 X 4 breeding pens tomorrow. I've got to go buy more waterers and feeders.
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    Sounds close bu you should be able to fit them all in. They have plenty of room outside so they won't have to be stuck in the coop all the time.
  5. Thanks for all the replies! That's about what I thought. I'm thinking just to make everyone more comfy, I'll cancel the order of the 2 Sussex. That would bring my total to 16. That sounds like better numbers footage wise. The comfort and health of the birds is my number one priority.
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    Quote:Excellent answer! I agree.
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    I'm not arguing with anyone here or with your decision reached. As nice and attractive as Sussex are, I support your decision. However, I will mention another factor to consider, which is your management style.

    You are tight on the coop size but the run is nice. Not overly large, but it could support a few more. With your climate, you will find you have very few days the chickens cannot get outside to the run for most of the day, especially if you take pains to keep part of it dry.

    If you offer feed and water outside (you can feed and water inside also if you wish) and you make sure the chickens have access to the run when the sun comes up, you could very likely support another few chickens. What I'm suggesting is, if you meet the management criteria and give up on sleeping in on Saturday mornings, don't be afraid to rescue another Easter chick or two, especially if they are bantams. If they are locked up in the coop while it is daylight, I would not do it.

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