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    I'm all ready to start a project and thought of a loophole! We need shelters for our two separate flocks while they range within separately fenced areas (for now fenced in sections of about 12'x24' each). The shelters would not be moved as often as tractors, but only when we move the chickens on to another fenced pen. So I was not going to put skids on these--I was thinking two of us humans would just pick up the empty floorless shelter and carry it to the new area. But then I realized...how would we get the chickens into their new fenced area? They will not always be moving directly next door so they couldn't easily be herded. One is a flock of 14 and the other has 25.

    I can think of a couple of options...
    Putting in a wire mesh floor so we can lift and carry the shelter with chickens enclosed. (I prefer not to have a wood floor for sake of maintenance.) Would this freak out the birds?
    Dragging the floorless shelter with chickens enclosed as we do with their current tractor. However, there will sometimes be quite a distance over uneven ground as opposed to the rather flat area we now tractor in.

    Any other thoughts/suggestions/ideas?

    Thanks [​IMG]

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