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Jul 7, 2013
I'm am thinking that we should make a portable run that we can move around the property so the chickens can "free range" with a limit. We live on a really busy street & I would die if they wandered out in the road. I have heard that PVC pipe is good as it makes the run light weight. Anyone have any ideas? I would sure appreciate any help! Blessings to all my fellow chick lovers!

Make a hoop run that can be anchored to the ground. Or if just for day use you could make it 2' tall and rectangular in shape. You should be able to find some designs on the site...
Thank you. Looking at a few right now! This site so awesome!!!!
There was a run on this site that was made with electrical conduit pipe. I had book marked it for future use but the link now does not respond to the site. Instead it gives a BYC member.

The tractor parts list

  1. 13 pieces of 1/2" electrical conduit EMT
  2. 8 pull able 90°s for the 1/2" EMT
  3. 100' of 12 to 16 gauge galvanized steel wire.
  4. 37' of 1/2" squares hardware wire cloth
  5. 21' of 48" wide standard chicken wire (the smaller holes)
  6. 30" length of steel roofing 30" by 3'
  7. 98" length of 1" EMT the axle bushing
  8. 2 wheels with axle extending one foot out one side of each wheel
  9. a handful of 1-1/2" self tapping metal screws I like the kind that have a 5/16 nut driver head.
  10. tarp UV stable 5' by 8' or larger. has to be a rip stop type of material.
  11. https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=470
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Thank you! I will give it a shot. It sounds like this is one I can put together while the hubby is building the big coop!

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