1. CrazyCatCulby

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    Oct 27, 2011
    southwest Michigan
    Hi! I have three hens...two barred rocks, Thelma and Louise, and an old English game hen, Lucy, who I got in fall-2011. They live in a 4ftx4ft coop with each their own nest boxes...however they prefer to snuggle together in the straw under their heat lamp. They have 24hr access to an 8ftx4ft run. I was thinking of putting the coop on some sturdy 2ft stilts and extending the run under the coop, as well.

    However, this spring their run will have no grass or anything because they have torn it all up...you know how it goes [​IMG]. I have a few options, including moving the whole thing to a new patch of grass every once in a while, which would be hard because it has no wheels and is heavy, or I could extend the run, which still would give me limited ways to go. I have been thinking of making a portable run, with like pvc pipe and chicken wire that would be easy to move and still sturdy enough to keep critters out like coyotes, dogs, and hawks. Does anyone know any good designs or ideas?


  2. teach1rusl

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    The platform would be easy - just build a 4x4 "table" for the coop to sit on. Use 2x4s to make a 4x4 frame. Add 4x4 legs at the corners, and add a piece of plywood = table.
    You could bring in sand if your grass is all gone. It has good drainage and is very easy to keep clean. Get it by the truckload, not the bag if you ever go that route.
    If you do a tractor type of run, you will need to add nest boxes. Would they go back into the coop at night???
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  3. giggleboxfarm

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    Apr 29, 2011
    Central KY
    Another idea that I am planning to use, is to build up an area.. say use 2x4, the 4 side high.. build a box with it and cover with hardware cloth. Put that in the run. Make a couple.. it will protect the ground under the cloth and let the grass grow up. once the grass has grown higher than the 2x4, the chickens can eat at it, but they won't be able to decimate it.

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