portable shed used for chickens

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    Dec 2, 2010
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    Trying to search the internet and can't seem to find dyi tractor or anything that has wheels on them ! We're planning on building a shed for chickens 10x6 or 10x4 that is portable. Why is so hard to find it on how to put the wheels on them ? Have any ideas, pictures, suggestions and info about how to built it ?
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    usually a shed is too heavy for wheels. Most put them on skids & use a tractor or truck to drag them around the yard. That is why its so hard to find one on wheels - especially one that large!

    It's possible to build one though - most farm supply stores have trailer axels & spindles. You can use those because they are usually strong enough to hold the weight - but buying 4 spindles & wheels can be expensive - & that doesn't take into account a way to steer.
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    Sep 12, 2010
    Not sure how picky you are but, you could always keep in mind that an old frame to a small car will work for something that size and then add your trailer hitch to the frame! Not sure which site I were on and have seen frames for larger coops, if I'm not mistaken I think it were made by amish!
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    Last summer there was a post in the coops section about a coop built on a small 2 wheeled trailer. Not sure that would be big enough, but if you could stabilize it, there are lots of those kinds of trailers available.
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    We basically have a shed on wheels here. Actually we have 5 of these made. Solid as a rock! Open up in summer by taking down the canvas or tarps or cover up for winter with canvas or tarps. The other day we had 60 mph winds and they did not budge but my chain link kennels were flipped over. (Poor birds!)

    We put wheels on these and move them about once a week. A few groups are let out to free range when not in breeding so I just open the door for the day and they go back up at night.

    Visit my website to see more about how they are made and go to the "Housing" link. Scroll down the page and you will see how my DH made these and how we easily move them around. This is about as close to a shed on wheels you can move by yourself that you will find. Once we get the wheels on I can easily push them by myself over bumpy ground. We did use a truck once when we were on the back of the property and a big hill. Still the frame work held strong as DH pushed it up the hill.




    Sorry, forgot the photos![​IMG]
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    these work ?

    Our backyard is little weird because of the small hills. We have nothing there except the current chicken coop, she and the run. So I figured that having a portable coop and run will be better for the chickens and for us. They could have plenty of sun during the winther and fresh grass, and we can move them according to the season, close in the winter and little further away during the summer. And if we built a playground for the kids, we can simply move the chicken coop.

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