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    My husband and I recently purchased two BBB's from the local feed store. When we first brought them home I noticed the yellow runny stool from the tom, but figured it was him adjusting to his new home and diet. Two days ago my husband noticed the tom was getting sick and now he completely looks terrible. He sits in the corner and won't move. His eyes have sunk and they look like they have gunk in them. I am thinking it may be black head but my husband thinks it is respiratory. Any thoughts or help? I would like to try and save him, if at all possible
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    You can try two things at the same time. As it could be coccidiosis or blackhead or something else entirely.

    You can treat coccidiosis (a common problem with chickens and turkeys that can cause the yellow poop) with Corid. You get it at your local farms store such as Tractor Supply Company. You'll find it in either a liquid or powder. Either can be mixed into a gallon of water for them to drink. The solution is mixed fresh daily for 5 days.

    You may also want to start a wormer to treat for cecal worms with a wormer containing the active ingredient "fenbendazole". Brands are Safeguard equine paste or Safeguard liquid goat or Panacur. You'll need to weight the turkey and give 0.23ml (approx 1/4 ml) per pound orally (with a needless syringe) 1x per day for 5 days. This thread shows a picture of how to properly and safely give oral meds https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/1048620/how-to-provide-emergency-and-supportive-care

    Keep him in a warm area isolated from the rest of the birds. If he is still ill after treatment of the above suggestions then it is likely something else. But since the Corid and Safeguard are safe to give and cocci and worms are the most common of problems I would start there.
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    If you're going to be containing him for treatment, you might want to go ahead and try a few injections of Tylan 50 too, in case of respiratory issues. I don't have turkeys yet, but at least with chickens, a lot of times its process of elimination when it comes to figuring out illnesses. Sometimes the kitchen sink approach can cover a lot of possibilities. However, I'm not certain of dosage...the only chicken I've treated with Tylan was a standard sized bird of about 5lbs, and injected .5cc of Tylan 50 into her breast once daily, three days straight (alternating breast sides daily). So adjust that dosage based on home much more he weighs??? Since he's miserable anyhow, making him a little more miserable at this time probably won't hurt anything.

    I'm not sure what works for blackhead disease, but I might give the wormers and tylan a shot first. Good luck!
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    @mamahen0823 , welcome to BYC! How is your turkey?


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