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    Poor Spike was mistaken for Beauregards squeeky toy today. Spike is 8 weeks old and I have no idea what the breed is. She is light brown and white with what looks like feathers sticking out of her head. Green legs. And Beauregard is our 15 month old St. Bernard. Spike seemed ok after the incident because he was rescued almost immediately. But this afternoon I noticed she didn't want to walk at all and when she did she hopped. So I took her out and gave her some TLC. I brought her in and checked her leg and it is bruised but not broken. So we made a bed for her to stay inside for the night. Better than getting trampled by her cage mates. Anyway I noticed that her middle toe is crooked right below the joint.

    I can't take any pictures because my camera needs replaced. Can I splint the toe maybe or should I just let it be and let her stay by herself for a while. She is in a 20 gal aquarium alone. Not much room to move around. I figured it was the best place for her. My brooder has chicks in it. I also put a blanket over the aquarium because she was jumping up trying to knock the lid off to get out. I'm going to put a screen over the top and replace the blanket to keep it dark so she will stay quiet.

    Any suggestions or do I have it covered?
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    I've read that a lot of people on her have mae little splints for their chickies.

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