Possible broodiness?


9 Years
Sep 2, 2010
SE Georgia
I posted a few days ago about a hen of mine that has been making some weird dino sound when she is in the nesting box. Some said she was just telling me to go away, others said possibly broody. She has not laid an egg in 4 days. She has been my best laying hen since I got her and didn't even stop through winter. She does hop in and out of the nesting boxes but does come out to run with the flock. Could she be getting ready to go broody or is she just taking a break? I didn't see any signs of molting either. Thanks!
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If she's not sleeping with the others, she's broody. If she is, she's just going through a phase.
That is possible,i have i think another broody,she is just sitting in the nest.I believe she is not laying now.I really hope she comes out of this on her own,i went thru it with another one.If she is getting out and eating it is good.Any one picking on her?

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