Possible broody...need advice


10 Years
Apr 20, 2009
Bourbon County Kentucky
Hi everyone, I may have a broody on my hands here but I'm not sure. I separated my 10 month old salmon fave because she kept sitting in the coop nest box. So I moved her to our beautiful separation pen. So she sits on her clutch of eggs all night and sometimes during the day but not much. I was just about to take her and put her back with her friends and she is sitting on the eggs again. I have no idea if she's broody. I don't want to take her off the eggs if she wants to sit but I have not yet seen her "sit tight" . The eggs she has I am sure will not hatch but I am willing to give her fertile eggs if she will settle on to her nest. I was told that if a hen sleeps on the nest at night she is broody. Well she does that but all day I see her up looking around in there, eating etc. She does have the giant broody poo even though she is not on her nest all day. How will I know when she has made a decision?


14 Years
Dec 10, 2007
Central Virginia
To my mind, sleeping on the nest all night does not equal broody. Although it is true that a broody hen will sleep on the nest all night. She will also sit on the nest all day. (Coming off once to eat, drink, and poop.) And she'll puff her feathers up and make crazy sounds when you come near her. And she'll pluck her belly feathers out.
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