Possible chicken project..?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by americana-chick, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Jun 18, 2008
    Sorry if this isnt the right place to post this, i couldnt decide where to put it.

    Anyway, i received a bunch of chicks from meyer hatchery and among the chicks i got BLRWs (one ended up looking like a GLW and a roo), Turkins (one ended up being a roo), and exchequer leghorns. I was thinking that maybe i could start some neat looking Turkins like maybe exchequer turkins or BLRTs? I didnt know if anyone has done anything like this before but i thought i might try. I will post pics of the chicks later.
  2. Hi! Exchequer Naked Necks would be FABulous!
    I have first generation bantam blue Mottled Naked Necks on the ground (frizzle splash NN green-egger x mottled Japanese).
    Good luck with your project.
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    I have heard of a fella who has Blue laced Red Turkens, pretty cool looking if I do say so myself
  4. americana-chick

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    Jun 18, 2008
    Im glad to hear people think these birds would be neat. i just built broody huts but they can house a few large fowl so they could become breeding coops for a while.
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    Quote:I am working on a weird project too, LOL, called "Aloha Chickens". Anyway, I worked with the Exchequers early on in my project, and it should be very easy to get Exchequer Turkins. If you cross your Turkins with the Exchequer hens, and cross the naked neck babies together, you should get it no problem. The Exchequer color was really easy to work with. Good luck!
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    DO IT DO IT! [​IMG]

    Lacing is not that easy to work with because it requires several genes plus being pure for all of them. Quite a challenge. But, naked neck is dominant so you could "cheat" by doing the cross then simply keep and breed one naked neck back to BLR each generation until you hit on a naked neck bird with good lacing. Best color turken for this cross would be a dark red one but buffs will work too.

    I've got some birds from this same idea. Still too early to tell how their lacing will be. They do look nice though- naked neck with the BLR coloring.

    You can do the same with exchequers. breeding the crosses together will work, crossing back to pure exchequer will give a lot more exchequer offspring. If you used a red or buff turken in the cross, you will get some "red/buff" mottles/exchequers if the crosses are bred together.

    BTW combining BLR or GL with mottle will give birds with appearance of Tolbunt. If Exchequers were bred with the BLR turken birds, could get some really wild colored chickens.... but keep in mind that mottle is recessive, so it will not show in the cross.
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    Dec 17, 2009

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