Possible cocci in vaccinated chick?


Mar 15, 2017
hi! This is my first round of chicks so brand new to everything! I have 8 chicks about 4 weeks old. All we're vaccinated for cocci and mareks, and I have been feeding them non-medicated feed per hatchery instructions. A few days ago I noticed some blood in their brooder..I didn't see any wounds on chicks, and as far as I could they'll at the time it didn't look mixed in with the poo. For the past week we have been keeping them in garage at night with a heat lamp, and in their coup/run during the day since weather is great now in socal. Coup is brand new floor is covered in sand. This morning I noticed a bloody stool. Chicks are acting normal eating, drinking and being curious. I'm not sure which chick left the suspect stool. I've only seen 3 of 8 poop and all look normal. Could it be cocci even though they are vaccinated? Any recommendations on what I should do? I would hate to loose any of them! Thank you!


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Keep an eye on how they are doing. If any look sleepy, not eating, standing puffed up, or still having blood in poops I would treat them with Corid (amprollium) for possible coccidiosis. I would get some Corid powder or liquid at your feed store. That will un-do the coccidiosis vaccine if used before 3 weeks old, but chicks can still get cocci even with a vaccine (or if they were accidentally missed.) Cocci vaccine supposedly protects against the worst forms of the disease, but vaccines can fail. It won't affect the Mareks vaccine. Corid dosage is 1 1/2 tsp of the powder or 2 tsp of the liquid per gallon of water for 7 days. Treat all birds at once, and change medicated water daily.Here is some reading:

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