Possible Cochin??? Growth Issues?


10 Years
Apr 3, 2014
I got this little mystery chick from Tractor Supply along with another because they thought they were sickly and wanted some one to take them, of course I volunteered. the one was super small and ending up dying this one is doing great health wise but the feathering seems incredibly slow and she is so small. I have never had cochins before so maybe that is why and maybe it isn't even a cochin. Any opinions would be appreciated,

She sits like this Alot in fact unless she is eating or drinking she doesn't move around a lot

Run away s/he thinking lol

Cannot tell from the crappy iphone picture but s/he has a small pea comb possibly a pullet? S/he is about 5 weeks old
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It might just be a Bantam Cochin. Slow feather growth tho is usually associated with male chicks. Specially on their back, male chicks back feathers take a while for them to come out, but it seems about the right feathering for 5 weeks if it is actually a Male Bantam Cochin.
I was hoping I wouldn't get that answer lol my husband is really attached to him but also is terrified and has a bad history with roos Glad to know his feathering looks right I think I was just paranoid about loosing him too. I have only lost the one and I don't want that to happen again
For comparisson here is one of my boys at 6 weeks old, maybe older, as you can see some of his feathers have started to come out, but he is missing a good half of his feathering at that age.
But don't loose hope, yours might just be a slow feathering pullet, feed also plays a role on development of course. What are you feeding him?

Dumour chick starter from TS I really want to make my own but haven't found a recipe for starter feed yet.
Yeah it's probably not the feed. Like I said maybe just a slow feathering pullet or a rooster. I lean towards rooster tho.
There are a couple of people in this forum who make their own feed. Thy posting on the Feeding your Chickens Section see if somebody can help you out.

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