Possible fertile egg still?

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  1. I am wondering if a hen can stay fertile after 15 days from mating? My Cochin hen just had babies and one of them appears to be a light blu cochin as there are feathers on her/his legs, and it's a very light grey color. My wonderful rooster got taken at night right off his perch by a bobcat last month and I was devastated. Slept out there all night to see what did it and it came back for the body so I know it was a bobcat. Anyway, neighbor gave me his Australope rooster but I only had it 5 days as it was SO mean. She went broody on everybodies eggs (only one was her's) so let her sit on all of them. Got 4 chicks, all of which are black/yell. colored but then this beautiful blu baby! Could it be from my first rooster? I sure hope so. What a blessing to have left me his DNA!! Anyone know how long they stay fertile after breeding? Sharon
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    Typically a breeding is good for 14 days but, having said that it isn't unheard of for a breeding to last 3 weeks. I would say it is a baby fathered by your original rooster. Congratulations!
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    Usually two to three weeks after the last mating..But if a new rooster is introduced most times after a week he is fertilizing the eggs..The fresh sperm devours the already weakend sperm the hen has stored.........
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    fresh sperm devours the already weakend sperm

    That's a nice mental image! I picture a Darth Vadar sperm [​IMG]

    From the mind of George Lucas, coming this fall to a theater near you:
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    Quote:The hen has to accept him first too. Plus, she only had him 5 days. I'm still going with the first roo. [​IMG]
  6. I hope your right about the first rooster. And, she did not want anything to do with the new Australope rooster. It was funny, when I got the Cochin rooster, the Cochin hens bonded to him immed., and when I lost him and got the Australope rooster, the Australope hens boned to him and the Cochin's hide from him! Weird, huh?

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