Possible mareks- euthanize or not???

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    Mar 8, 2016
    We had a sick Easter egger who is new to us, yesterday she stopped eating/drinking and had torticollis and difficulty walking. Our vet suspects mareks-we're waiting for necropsy results. My question is what to do with my other hens? We got a buff Orpington at the same time as the Easter egger (from the same farm) who is blind in one eye (which looks like the mareks eye picture I googled). She's a sweet hen and seems fine right now. I think she's probably got it too based on her eye. My other 4 hens are all vaccinated and show no symptoms. So from what I understand I've now got lifelong mareks carriers on my hands. Should I euthanize my Orpington [​IMG]? I really hate to do that but I also don't want to infect future hens.
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    I think you'll get better response if this is moved to the Emergencies and Diseases section. I've flagged it for a moderator to move it there. Folks in that section are more familiar with this disease and can better advise you. Sorry you're dealing with this [​IMG]

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