Possible mites?? Need advice

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    Jul 1, 2007
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    I was collecting eggs this morning and noticed little black specks all over most of them.
    About the size of a pencil point. I touched them and they smeared. Then I LOOKED at them for a few seconds and they MOVED. Since adopting my chickens I have cleaned out their coop and nesting boxes completely, replaced all the bedding with 5-6" of shavings, and for the last two weeks have been sprinkling a lot of DE in the coop bedding and nest boxes. This morning was the first time I noticed these things.

    Please help, I'm new to this. I want to eradicate these things really soon. DE I think might be too mild at this point since I've at least increased their population since I've used it, enough to see them. Each egg had a lot on them. I'm ready for the "big guns".

    What do I use in the coop to eradicate? Should I remove all of the bedding before?
    What about the chickens themselves? They were never handled before I inherited them and are scared to be approached by us. They are just now coming close to me when its treat time, which they love. If you can, please give me name brands of anything you suggest and what to do with it.

    Thanks so much,
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    Apr 10, 2007
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