Possible neurological damage in Sebastopol gosling *Help*


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5 Years
Mar 13, 2014
hello I hatched 2 goslings last Tuesday and one was born with egg sack outside, (I did help it out, maybe too early) it did absorb the next day. Poor thing looked like it would die but hung in there. I had to feed with syringe for 2 days, Has spaddle leg, (I put on splint), maybe wry neck as well. Well at 8 days he walks but a bit wobbly she looks to be catching imaginary flies, has not grown much at all. She seems happy, but today I noticed the other goslings do not have the same pallet. What I mean by that is when I was feeding sick gosling I saw a slit in roof of mouth. It is on the left side. I didnt think anything of it, but none of the other goslings have it. Is there too many things wrong with my little Pookie? She also does not keep up with the others, nor does she seem to care about keeping up. My little ducks and goslings take very good care of poor Pookie, so at least she is not getting picked on . I'm not sure if im doing Pookie any favors by keeping her alive. Oh I also give her nutri drench and niacin, I just started today with poly vi sol and selenium. And was going to stop the added niacin. I puta short video of Pookie on you tube. This site will not let me post the link. Seach" Pookie the special gosling." By Stacey Palmer. Thanks for reading
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