Possible scaly leg mites?


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Aug 15, 2016

Does this picture look like scaly leg mites to anybody? We have a chicken who over the past few weeks has started to seem sick. She acts slightly depressed, and has been a bit of a loner recently. She tends to sit and rest more often than usual, and not run around like she used to. She is still eating and drinking normally, but we think she may be slowly losing weight.

She's stopped laying for the last month, but we had attributed that to the soft molt she is going through.

But now, we are wondering if she has round worms or some sort of other parasite? Today I noticed the scales on her feet were raised and dirty looking.

I am wondering if she has scaly leg mite, and if this might explain why she's been sitting around more and has seemed less energetic.

Other things we have considered are round worm and egg yolk peritonitis. But her symptoms don't seem severe enough for the peritonitis.

We have been providing all of the hens with garlic in their water, cayenne and cinnamon and oregano in their food (in case of worms or bacterial infection). I've also been making them a cinnamon and oregano tea and offering that in addition to their regular water.

I prefer to treat naturally and will not just give her dewormer or antibiotics without being at least 90% certain they are needed.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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